Letter from the Chapter

I chose Tri-Delta because I felt like I could be my authentic self here. When I came to college I wasn’t even sure I was the “sorority type”, I went through recruitment to meet people but wasn’t set on joining a house. However, as I continued to go back to Tri-Delta all the stereotypes I had in my head went away. As I talked to the girls during my recruitment week, I realize there wasn’t a “sorority type” in this chapter. While every girl was unique in her own way, they were all strong minded, hard working women who wanted to grow themselves and expand on leadership opportunities during college. That was an experience I wanted to have. After joining our chapter I have found the greatest sisters and friends that continuously live out our values of truth, self sacrifice, and friendship. I will forever be thankful for this organization of women who continue to encourage me to grow every single day, congratulate me in all my accomplishments, and love me for all of my flaws. The women of Delta Delta Delta have made me who I am today.

Director of Recruitment Events

Sarah Rodenbach

brave, bold, kind