Chapter Sisterhood

For Tri Delta, sisterhood is more than just a term. It is a perpetual bond of friendship that will last a lifetime. 

Not only do we have planned events, but sisterhood can be seen every day of the week. Sisters help each other study for classes, play games together, go see movies, go out to dinner and even sit in the house for hours talking and laughing with each other. Many Tri Deltas would agree that some of the best sisterhoods are the ones that aren't planned. It's the fun and goofy things we do that makes our bond that much stronger.

Tri Delta prides itself on creating bonds that will last a lifetime.  Our chapter has grown from unfamiliar faces into long lasting friendships; the kind of friendships that surround a sister at a wedding, or are there for a call in the middle of the night when she is stressed about work. This sisterhood isn't just while we are in college, but something that truly lasts forever.

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